Thursday, October 29, 2015

mortality banner (1)

Title: Mortality, Book Three of the Serenity Series
Series: The Serenity Series    mortality gif
Vol or Book #: 3
Author: Ava O’Shay
Audience: New Adult/ Adult +18
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: ebook and paperback
Publisher: Raven Books and Design
Cover by: Raven Books and Design, photograph
Editor: Eden Plantz
Pages: 250
Date to be Published: January 2016

blurb (5)

Leaving his rocky past behind Quill heads out with the band Pick-Six. Quickly thrust into the lime light of a rock and roll super star he finds his past isn’t so easy to leave behind. Alcohol, drugs, and an endless stream of available and willing woman push Quill to his limits of restraint. But he has more at stake than his sobriety, Quill will do almost anything to win Assad back even if it means baring his soul on stage. Just when things seem to be going his way Quill’s mother comes back into his life. A force he has never been able to overcome. Soon Quill’s feeling of responsibility for his family threatens to take him and the band down. Struggling against his demons Quill must learn to take what he wants before it’s too late.
excerpt (2)
Sweat trailed down Quill’s back, his hair matted to his forehead, the rays of the overhead lights were hotter than the face of the sun but the screams from the row of girls, five deep in front of the stage were making it all worth it.
He pulled the microphone out of its stand. His band, Pick-Six was on the last songs of the set. The rush adrenaline laced with anxiety was the high Quill used to get him through the nerves threatening to destroy each performance.
“It will get easier,” Simon, their manager said before each gig.
It hadn’t.
Each night Quill tried to figure out how he’d ended up the lead singer of a band he’d watched at the local rave bar. Each night he fought his inner demons so he could get through another performance without allowing himself a hit, a drink, or a hard screw. He’d sworn off any type of crutch to get him through. However he’d done it before the band hit it big and he was thrust in front of an overflowing bar full of people every night. He was going to face his fears and God only knew—his feelings—head on even if it killed him.
No more burying.
No more hiding.
And if people didn’t like it they could go fuck themselves.
author (1)
After many years trudging through the social awkwardness of high school and the whirl wind of college romances I finally landed in the Seattle area writing about the hell, horror, and don't forget the hot romance of youth. I love all things outdoors and can be found hiking, kayaking, mountain biking or doing anything active. I am a former Mrs. Washington United States but hung up my crown to focus on family and career. I love to learn and possess many degrees. I am a Christy McCullough Excellence in Education Award winner and I am Nationally Board Certified. I love to interact with my readers and meet them at signings so never be shy to come up and give me a hug and ask me anything.
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Finally it is coming

Friday I will be posting the new cover for book three in the Serenity series....Mortality. It is the sequel to Tranquility and picks up a few months after the ending of Tranquility. I am super excited about the look of the cover. Be sure to stop by and check it out. Friday October 30th

Monday, July 6, 2015

No Rest For The Weary

Book Info- Title- No Rest for the Weary By- Leatrus Iversen Genre- Women’s Fiction Blurb Linette Sanderson is a single mother of two wonderful children. She works two jobs to make ends meet and her faith in God keeps her grounded and focused as she strives to make life better for her family. Linette is faced with a dilemma when her past seems to make its way back into her already hectic and demanding life. She finds herself in a tug of war with her emotions and although she takes it to the Lord in prayer the answers still remain unclear as to how she should handle the situation. When tragedy strikes her family several times, she finds herself questioning God and her beliefs. She fights with the temptation of giving up on hope and her life. Will Linette be able to remain strong through this tragic time and lean on the Lord for support or will she lose her faith? Links- Amazon- About the Author- Author Leatrus Iversen was born and raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is the single mother of an adult daughter and a teenage son. Leatrus has been writing since her high school days but never considered publishing her work. In 2015, she made the decision and stuck with it until her debut novel Uncharted Desires was published in 2014. With the same hard work and determination, she is due to release her second novel, No Rest for the Weary; A Single Mother's Testimony in July 2015. Leatrus now finds herself busy completing various works in different genres. Links- Twitter- Website- Facebook-

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Cover Question

This is a question that I spend a lot of time thinking about...covers.
Do books sell more when there is a person on the cover, a bare chest? A couple embracing? A sexy pose? Or do they sell more when there is an abstract cover? Color splashes? Blurry city scapes?
These questions confuse me because there is a rush of cover models and photographers that are selling their wares for what an indie author would consider a pretty penny.  Then you add in the cost of a cover designer and WOW that cover is mint. But will I make my money back?  Will I sell more books? If a model is standing beside me will it entice someone to pick up my book?
I read Entertainment weekly and I get that it isn't on the cusp of literature but in the back of the magazine they always put books that are on the top sellers list.  None of those books have people on them.  They are primarily abstract. 
Then today I went to a book store and I see that a book that had previously had two people on the cover now has been rebranded with an abstract cover.
Covers are driven by genre.  Romance is expected to have a Fabio figure on the cover.  But the intent of the cover is becoming muddled to me.  Is it for the reader or is it for the author to become involved in this world of author signings with a cover model at their side?  Is it for the reader to meet the character?  Or is an abstract cover better?  Letting the reader develop the picture in their head? What do you think?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tranquility release next week!

Never believing he deserved more, Quill goes through life taking what he can and avoiding any meaningful relationships. Until he gets a job at a local guitar shop and discovers a talent for making music. Soon Quill meets Assad, a broody bass player who lives by the motto “love has no boundaries”. Struggling with nightmares of an abusive past and where exactly his heart lies, Quill has to decide how far he’s willing to go to find love.


“I am not getting coffee with you.”
Quill scowled. “Why not?”
“Why not?” She laughed.
“Yeah. Why not. You don’t like coffee?”
Cori was sure he didn’t have a clue why she was turning him down. In fact, she kind of wanted to accept his invitation, but when she looked at his confused expression, it just made it worse. “Maybe because I saw you and your girlfriend last night in the hall.”
“She isn’t my girlfriend.”
“You know that doesn’t really help your case.”
He frowned. “Yeah I guess it doesn’t”
Cori bent down to collect her music folder.
“You know you shouldn’t be so high and mighty. You were the rocker chick dressed in a skirt so short she gave the front row pussy shots all night, but apparently you have a set of higher morals when it comes to drinking coffee.”
“I was not giving pussy shots. Whatever the hell that is. And even if I was, it’s different than sticking something in a pussy.” She crossed her arms over her chest.
“You afraid?” His cocky tone was back.
“Of your herpes ass? I don’t think so.”
Quill suppressed a laugh. “I don’t think you can get herpes on your ass.”
“I wouldn’t know.”
“Nor would I. Coffee?” He tried again. “You can’t get herpes from coffee.” Quill’s gaze dropped to her hands.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Cover Reveal!

Out From Under
 Pea Pod Girls’ Investigations Book #1

By- Melanie Donithan, Dee Middleton-Taylor, and
Suzanne Curry


Expected Publication Date- March 2015
Three small
town, middle-aged women with big town dreams open up The Pea Pod Girls’
Investigations. Gigi VanWey, the Amazon Queen, Tallulah Dewy Townz, the
pint-sized rebel who can open a can of whoop ass, and Babs Rosencrantz, the
Jewish Guru, had no idea how much trouble they could stir up with their first
case. These extremely resourceful women are three peas in a pod who know how to
get a job done.

Their first client, trophy wife and
recovering-sugar-daddy-addict Cyndi Lou Montgomery, wants to find out how one
minute she’s watching the Douglas County 4th of July celebration and the next,
waking up in the Douglas County Prize Bull Barn in a most un-lady-like
situation. Now Cyndi is being blackmailed, and given specific instructions to

The Pea Pod Girls didn’t know that a home
explosion, being shot at, missing evidence and unwanted help from the new town
sheriff, Jackson Lee – who, by the way, is so hot you could fry an egg on his
fine ass – would be part of the job.

The case comes to a head when the Pea Pod Girls
set a trap for the blackmailer at the annual Midnight Madness Costume

Will the Pea Pod Girls be able to solve the
mystery before the clock strikes midnight?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Blog Post! Number 7

Continuing my 31 day posting fest today is a list of my top ten foods.  As a disclaimer for this post I have to mention I have limited ability to taste due to an illness I had years ago so I eat because of texture.
1. Cheez its
2. Nachos
3. Moo shoo pork
4. cookie dough
5. Chocolate pudding
6. a really good steak
7. Super sour patch kids
8. frozen yogurt
9. potato salad
10. Shrimp ( but I'm allergic to them so I can't eat them)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blog post 6: three personal traits I am proud of

I think if I would have posted earlier I would have said that's a hard one. But I watched an incredible video this afternoon about out significance and how we are important enough that Jesus died for us so...I better have some traits I am proud of because I was created for big things.
1. I have what I like to call Discernment.  An intuition for people.  Sometimes it's a good thing but often times it kind of stinks because it makes it difficult to have friends and relationships.
2. I have an ability to teach others
3. I am a good listener and more importantly a good listener.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015





Title: Dominick (A Prequel to Inferno)

Author: Kara Jemal

Genre: YA dystopian

Release Date: March 2015

Publisher: Glass House Press


Blurb: Dominick Grant had the perfect life: parents who loved him, a beautiful girlfriend, and a best friend who always had his back.  He knew who he was, and how he wanted to live his life.

But in Dominick’s world, that choice belongs to someone else -- a totalitarian government that dictates the lives of its citizens, decreeing that Dominick must be separated from his girlfriend and forced to work for the very government he detests. 

The question is...will Dominick accept his predetermined path, or risk making his own choices and bringing his world crumbling down around him?  


About the Author:

Kara Jemal is the writing duo of Kara Leigh Miller and David Jemal.

Kara is a 30-something, stay at home mom, multi-published romance author who enjoys writing across a variety of genres & categories: adult, young adult, new adult, romance, dystopian, and thrillers just to name a few. When she's not writing tall-tales of love, she's spending time with her family, friends, and good books. 

David is a nineteen-year-old college student with a background in real estate who is eager to breathe life into the many stories and characters banging around in his head.  When's he not writing, he's reading or working out. 



Sunday, January 18, 2015

blog post 5: My Guilty Pleasure

Lately my guilty pleasure if watching Kingdom.  It may not seem too guilty but when you live in a house where the most common thing on the television is a sporting event, well then getting to watch an actual show is pretty exciting.  I love this show.  I first started watching it because I use to kick box and even though it is MMA, it's close enough.  I love the characters and the writing and I especially love that Nick Jonas is gay!  Yes gay!  I think it is brave to do this in a show that is about fighting, to have a gay MMA fighter is awesome.  Unfortunately they are on a season break but I will be there when it comes back on.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


So excited to have Main Attraction a part of this!  Release day is tomorrow! Can't believe I get to be with these awesome authors
So how many of you read books and bookmark the *good* scenes to go back to later for a quick reread....or you just skip the story altogether because you need a little something-something to put you in the mood for your significant other? (Oh, come on, we all do it wink emoticon )...
Well, I've been up to a little something...myself and 19 other authors to be exact have been up to something...We have joined with Jasper Ridge Press to bring you SKIP TO THE GOOD PART...A collection of each of our steamiest sex scenes. more bookmarking your kindle is needed because the -good scenes- are all right here. All (20) of us have given one of our best sex scenes from an already published novel and compiled them into one book. We figured it would allow you all to discover some new authors by reading the scenes that matter the most wink
And the best news is it's only - 99 cents

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

not my favorite topic on my blog challenge

Number four on my blog challenge post is my earliest childhood memory.  I have to say that I can't really say what my earliest memory is but a part of my life that stands out is when I was seven.  I had an older friend, she was eleven, and she got me in a ton of trouble.  I guess you could say the tough years for my mom were my sevens.  :)  We pretended to shop lift, I wanted to be called Tony ( shrugs), I rode my bike under the highway and to a mall without permission, and threw rocks at some kids until one hit him and split his head open.  Oh and my friend hit my brother in the head with a baseball bat, knocking out his front teeth.  I guess these memories stick with me because it was a though time in my life and a time when I learned how to say no and stand up for myself.  My dad sat me down and told me I had a chose to make. Either tell her I couldn't be her friend anymore or get use to being grounded the rest of my life.  I marched to her house and told her I couldn't be her friend anymore.  Strange that at seven I decided how I wanted my life to go.  I didn't want to be that kid.  And to this day I don't do well with people telling me what to do or following a crowd.  I became my own person at the young age of seven and even though it has been lonely at times...I like who I became and the lessons those early years taught me.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Third Blog Post of the Year: The Meaning of my Business Name

This is a fun question for me!  The name of my business is RAVEN BOOKS AND DESIGN.  The story behind it....
Well besides the fact I tend to name my characters Raven in honor not only of my business but because of the story behind it.  So enough stalling.
I named my business RAVEN because the raven is my talisman.  I love Native American legends and believe I was chosen by the Raven to represent it. I was chosen by a very specific Raven when I was seven--when it attacked me!  I was minding my own business riding my trike around and WHAM!  a raven dive bombed me and began to attack.  It got wrapped up in my hair and my grandfather came and saved me. It attacked me two more times before my parents took me into out cabin.  The Raven banged against the windows trying to get in...until my dad beat it with a tennis racket.  Okay bad ending for the story.
So I feel a connection to Ravens and named my business after them  I wear a raven necklace and a vial of sacred sand from the Navajo Reservation in honor of my talisman.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Twenty Things About ME!

January 2nd and on to my first blog post for 2015!  To start the year off I am going to make a list of 20 things about me!
I will try not to repeat things I have already touched on....
1. I have written 6 books. Three are already out and I have two releases in March
2. I write under a pen name and under my actual name
3. I took up rock climbing this December...because my son did and if I want to hang out with him I needed to as well
4. My super power is knowing what a movie is in less than 15 seconds.  Like name that tune but with movies.
6.  I grew up in Seattle
7. I was a model for The Bon Marche (Macy's) all through high school
8. Was a model for back to school fashion shows for Seventeen Magazine
9.  I was Ms. Washington and participated in the Ms. America pageant in Florida a week after 9/11
10. I was in the top ten in the Ms. America pageant
11.  I modeled lingerie in the middle of a store in front a bunch of boys from my high school who found out I was there.  EMBARASSING!
12.  I speak Spanish fluently
13.  I love my dogs almost as much as I love my kids
14.  I married my soul you babe
15.  My favorite place to vacation is Moab Utah
16.  I like to ski but I am not very good at it
17.  I am a teacher
18.  I didn't speak at school until I was in the fourth grade (I am painfully shy)
19. I almost died from a staph infection in my head and had three surgeries before I was free of the infection
20.  I am allergic to everything tough there but I think it is mostly new info.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!