Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tranquility release next week!

Never believing he deserved more, Quill goes through life taking what he can and avoiding any meaningful relationships. Until he gets a job at a local guitar shop and discovers a talent for making music. Soon Quill meets Assad, a broody bass player who lives by the motto “love has no boundaries”. Struggling with nightmares of an abusive past and where exactly his heart lies, Quill has to decide how far he’s willing to go to find love.


“I am not getting coffee with you.”
Quill scowled. “Why not?”
“Why not?” She laughed.
“Yeah. Why not. You don’t like coffee?”
Cori was sure he didn’t have a clue why she was turning him down. In fact, she kind of wanted to accept his invitation, but when she looked at his confused expression, it just made it worse. “Maybe because I saw you and your girlfriend last night in the hall.”
“She isn’t my girlfriend.”
“You know that doesn’t really help your case.”
He frowned. “Yeah I guess it doesn’t”
Cori bent down to collect her music folder.
“You know you shouldn’t be so high and mighty. You were the rocker chick dressed in a skirt so short she gave the front row pussy shots all night, but apparently you have a set of higher morals when it comes to drinking coffee.”
“I was not giving pussy shots. Whatever the hell that is. And even if I was, it’s different than sticking something in a pussy.” She crossed her arms over her chest.
“You afraid?” His cocky tone was back.
“Of your herpes ass? I don’t think so.”
Quill suppressed a laugh. “I don’t think you can get herpes on your ass.”
“I wouldn’t know.”
“Nor would I. Coffee?” He tried again. “You can’t get herpes from coffee.” Quill’s gaze dropped to her hands.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Cover Reveal!

Out From Under
 Pea Pod Girls’ Investigations Book #1

By- Melanie Donithan, Dee Middleton-Taylor, and
Suzanne Curry


Expected Publication Date- March 2015
Three small
town, middle-aged women with big town dreams open up The Pea Pod Girls’
Investigations. Gigi VanWey, the Amazon Queen, Tallulah Dewy Townz, the
pint-sized rebel who can open a can of whoop ass, and Babs Rosencrantz, the
Jewish Guru, had no idea how much trouble they could stir up with their first
case. These extremely resourceful women are three peas in a pod who know how to
get a job done.

Their first client, trophy wife and
recovering-sugar-daddy-addict Cyndi Lou Montgomery, wants to find out how one
minute she’s watching the Douglas County 4th of July celebration and the next,
waking up in the Douglas County Prize Bull Barn in a most un-lady-like
situation. Now Cyndi is being blackmailed, and given specific instructions to

The Pea Pod Girls didn’t know that a home
explosion, being shot at, missing evidence and unwanted help from the new town
sheriff, Jackson Lee – who, by the way, is so hot you could fry an egg on his
fine ass – would be part of the job.

The case comes to a head when the Pea Pod Girls
set a trap for the blackmailer at the annual Midnight Madness Costume

Will the Pea Pod Girls be able to solve the
mystery before the clock strikes midnight?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Blog Post! Number 7

Continuing my 31 day posting fest today is a list of my top ten foods.  As a disclaimer for this post I have to mention I have limited ability to taste due to an illness I had years ago so I eat because of texture.
1. Cheez its
2. Nachos
3. Moo shoo pork
4. cookie dough
5. Chocolate pudding
6. a really good steak
7. Super sour patch kids
8. frozen yogurt
9. potato salad
10. Shrimp ( but I'm allergic to them so I can't eat them)