Thursday, July 17, 2014

Main Attraction for .99 cents

Jessica Hunter lost her heart and her husband at the same time. He died, and she discovered his infidelities, leaving her a shattered mess. Five years later, Jessica still isn't interested in a relationship. That is until she meets sexy, lead actor Penn Jackson on the set of a popular tween movie- and her life gets turned upside down. Swept away by Penn's carefree attitude, she lets him into her heart-and her bed- even though Penn warns her that being with him will change her life. Penn's warning doesn't mean much to her. But when his publicist begins a campaign to get rid of her, and a trip to the emergency room turns into a tabloid explosion, she doesn't just lose her anonymity, but also her job. Now, Jessica will have to choose between the man she loves and the life she's always known.

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