Thursday, August 14, 2014

In A World of Change

Things are constantly changing in the world of publishing.  Whether it be the genre that is taking off or the introduction of Indie Authors and Self-Publishing...things are always in flux.  The current change is going on in the world of Amazon.  First Amazon calls out Hatchette books for upping the prices of ebooks and asks all the self published authors to write a letter complaining about what they are doing and how we support Amazon.  What is funny is do we really support Amazon?  Because not too long after this email comes out Amazon started Kindle Unlimited.  A program that encourages Kindle user to sign up and use Amazon as a library.  Getting books for free and paying a monthly fee.  It sounds like a great idea but in order to do this the book must only be on Amazon which alienates the people who prefer to read on other devices.  Now the issue seems to be Kindle Unlimited is affecting rankings.  Well rankings are the life blood of any author so the grumble has just begun.  Can't wait for the next change. 

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