Monday, May 12, 2014

And now for the beginning of the end

I got my publisher in May of last year after a twitter pitch party.  Of course I was skeptical because any publisher that wants my book must suck....yeah writers self depreciating thoughts....Any how I ended up signing all three of my completed books with this new up and coming publisher.  I was excited to start with a new build a brand.  I was excited!  Then my first edits began.  I was very open to edits because again I figured I needed some big help since I was a new author.  My editor was awesome and I think overall my books are better then they started but it is a shocker at how much a publisher will ask of you in order to make a book work for them.  At one point I had to wonder why they even wanted the books. The only problem I had up to this point was my publisher continued to spell my name wrong on everything.
My first book came out in the end of August.  My friends gave me a small release party and many of my friends bought it to was surreal.

Then I went on to Createspace to make the paperback available.

When I began formatting I quickly discovered that all the final edits I'd worked on were not corrected in the published version.  I had an ebook on Amazon that was riddled with mistakes.

I was embarrassed and didn't know what to do.  My friends and family hadn't said a word and bless all m reviewers hearts no one mentioned it in one review.  Although I would have appreciated a head up.

The next two books had similar issues....

Of course I immediately asked my publisher to fix the issue and it did get fixed but I began to see the writing on the wall....Duh Duh Duh!!!!

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