Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Entrusted wasn't the first

Although I wrote Entrusted to completion first it was not the first story I plotted out.  Although I am not sure I even knew what plotted out meant at the time.
I had a notebook full of notes following a nurse in Vietnam.  Well it wasn't timely and the characters were older and I wanted a New Adult book so I started to change stuff.  Then the war in Afghanistan started.  I loved, loved doing research for that book and am a die hard military fan now.  1000 Sleepless Nights was the first book of mine to get picked up by a publisher even though it wasn't the first to be thrown out to the wolves.
1000 Sleepless Nights was also the first book that I found a publisher has the right to say "change this or no deal"
The original version of Sleepless Nights did not have the characters getting together.  In fact it was far from it.  I had to make it a happy ending so I carved off what turned out to be half the book and wove a happily ever after.
Now that I have parted ways with said publisher I am changing the book back to a more similar version to the original and will be turning the skimmed off chapters into two more books.  I hope my readers enjoy them.

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