Wednesday, January 14, 2015


So excited to have Main Attraction a part of this!  Release day is tomorrow! Can't believe I get to be with these awesome authors
So how many of you read books and bookmark the *good* scenes to go back to later for a quick reread....or you just skip the story altogether because you need a little something-something to put you in the mood for your significant other? (Oh, come on, we all do it wink emoticon )...
Well, I've been up to a little something...myself and 19 other authors to be exact have been up to something...We have joined with Jasper Ridge Press to bring you SKIP TO THE GOOD PART...A collection of each of our steamiest sex scenes. more bookmarking your kindle is needed because the -good scenes- are all right here. All (20) of us have given one of our best sex scenes from an already published novel and compiled them into one book. We figured it would allow you all to discover some new authors by reading the scenes that matter the most wink
And the best news is it's only - 99 cents

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