Sunday, May 12, 2013


I am having a love hate relationship with this series.  I have had it on my Kindle for awhile and thought I'd treat myself to a large diet pepsi and a lawn chair in the front yard for mother's day.  I was hooked from the start.  Which is why I loved it.  The main character, Avery is strong yet flawed.  The basic story is similar to many in this genre but I don't care I still love the flawed characters that are trying to make it through tough spots and come out the other side.  Avery fights harder than many main characters and although she tends to be pulled in and pushes back in every segmant I still am fighting for her to just be happy.  In order to make it through school Avery is given an opportunity to become a call girl.  Her personal struggle with whether she can do it or not and whether she will come out the other side a better person for her sacrifices is touched on continuously.  Which I liked because when I am given hard choices my mind goes back and forht just like hers.  Although my decisions are not whether or not I 'm going to be a prostatute. I love Sean, and for some reason I was really glad his name was Sean.  There have been the strangest names in some of the book I read and Sean seems so strong.  Like he's going to make it because of his name.  Anyway I liked how his character developed, even if he's a bit screwed up.  Now to the hate part of my review.  And I think hate is a strong word but I have read a few books by this author and I enjoy her writing so it isn't personal.  It;s the idea of a book being segmanted into little books.  I hate getting sucked in and then having to pay for each section.  As well as....and this is the worst....the series isn't done and that's okay because you buy it in sections.  Since it's in sections it's perfectly okay to have a published unfinished series which as a reader is torture!  So yeah for a great bunch of mini novellas and boo for keeping me waiting.

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