Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Best Man

The Best Man by Ana Blaze

I loved the blurb I read about this book and was very excited to get it on my Kindle and hit the gym to read it.  So after work I headed off to the treadmill and after my three miles I was so into it I hoped on the stationary bike and finished it off.  Needless to say this is a quick read.  The writing flows smoothly and seamlessly making time fly.  I enjoyed Beth's uptight controlling attitude and Colin's deep affection for her.  My favorite part of the book was the beginning scenes when they run into eachother at his brothers wedding and he is drunk.  His drunken rants and poetry are very funny.  The book doesn't delve deeply into why they are the way they are or what past issues they may be carrying around but it is a fun and light read and with summer coming it is a definite recommendation to slip into your beach bag and head out to catch some rays!

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