Friday, June 7, 2013

Review of Entwined with You By Sylvia Day

I have to say I am a huge fan of Sylvia Day and this series and have been finding it difficult to find a good romance to get me through the beginning summer months so was TOTALLY EXCITED when I saw the release date for this one.  That said it definitely is not a stand alone book and kind of felt like it had turned into a ebook series instead of an actual cover to cover book.  I will be interested in how reviews go at the bookstores.  This book picks up right after the last one where some pretty intense decisions had been made in order to protect Eva.  Although I love the characters and wouldn't have wanted to miss the happenings in this book, as I believe they are necessary to move forward, I felt like it was getting all the characters in their pasts together for a show down.  Everyone was coming back with their drama and everyone that is already their is bringing in bigger drama.  The intense reliance of Gideon on Eva gets a bit much and I see a fall out coming, not only because life does that but Eva continuously says a fall out is coming.  I see the place for this book in the story of their lives but it lacked the ability to really grab me.  I am still a die hard fan and wish the next book was already out so I could get past the building of the story to more interesting story.
Three stars.

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