Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Review Of STRINGS by Kendall Grey

I was recommended this book by Jessa on Goodreads and have to thank here for this pick me up.  STRINGS comes with a WARNING and it is a serious warning.  Some might think oh!  Ha! Ha unny warning but take it serious.  From the get go Kendall grabs you by the throat and jams vulgarity at you. I personally loved it.  The intent of the book, I didn't think, was to shock. It was to put humor in the form of locker room fodder in between the covers of a book.  The variety of terms she uses is amazing and so incredible funny.  The story moves along quickly and the quick dialogue is something I am always a sucker for.  Kendall got a lot of flack, and in the last month a lot of negative comments from readers and I think we should ban together as adult authors and say HEY!  Genres vary so we can find what interests us.  Maybe I might read a sappy romance and not like it.  Doesn't mean I should stalk the author and crucify her.  If you like grit and a few moments of Oh my GOODNESS then pick up this read. If you want serious and romantic gestures....sip it.  I personally am giving it five stars and will be waiting on the edge of my recliner for the second book.

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