Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shadowlands Series by Cherise Sinclair

I am on the third book in this series and I am greatly enjoying it.  Based in a Bondage club called the Shadowlands each book follows various characters from the club as they find the woman that will satisfy them as a sub.  Now that description is so not going to get you to read the book is it?  All I can say is I love how the book begins with Master Z, the owner, and intorduces us in a subtle way to various characters that show up in future books.  I love the caring way the characters interact and especially love when the author gives the characters a chance to be themselves outside of the club and meet on common ground.  Although each story is similar they each hold a unique past for the MC that makes you understand why they are at the club in the first place.  These are quick reads and since it is summer I highly suggest them as a beach read.  I enjoy her writing and look forward to reading more.  Four stars for sure.

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