Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Welcome to the New Year

As the New Year is in our close future... a day or so a way...I have set a goal to post as best I can for the next 31 days. So for day one I am going to rewind and take a minute to introduce myself which is kind of funny because if you follow me you know I am Ava O'Shay...an author. But I am a bit more. I am a mom of two college age boys who most of the time I love a whole ton! My oldest is a junior at Montana State University in Bozeman, WA. He plays for the football team. He's number 42.
My youngest is also a junior and attends University of Wyoming where I think he is majoring in Rock Climbing.
I love all things outdoors and love mountain biking, camping, climbing, hiking, whatever I can find outside.  The only time I am really sitting still is when I am writing and I write because I can't be outside constantly and I am unable to sit and do nothing.  I write New Adult primarily because my life revolves around two new adults.  I also threw in a paranormal YA and an adult romance but my heart is with my New adult characters.
I love to interact with readers and enjoy visiting at signings so feel free to message me anytime!

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